School Code

1. Obey and respect your parents and teachers.  

2. Do your best in your schoolwork.

3. Do your best in your martial arts exercises.

School Oath

As a member of the World Martial Arts Academy, I solemnly promise to use my knowledge of martial arts to promote peace around the world, respect for the people and the world around me, and loyalty for my country, family, and friends.

Student Pledge

I do hereby pledge to abide by the following ten rules governing my membership:

 1. I understand that the martial arts program strives toward the improvement of the whole person. Therefore, it insists on the constant interaction between the spiritual and physical. I will emulate the high ideals of all ancient cultures such as tolerance, nonviolence, respect for my peers, dedication to duty, and honor to my superiors.

 2. I shall maintain a good rapport with my school. I will be loyal to the spirit of martial arts as well as to those who are inspired by the martial art spirit. Since I have chosen to become a student of martial arts, I am obliged to be loyal to its spirit.

 3. I will not criticize other students, as it is an unwritten rule of martial arts that requires students only speak well of other students.

 4. I shall be extremely cautious about making promises, and I shall keep the ones I do make.

 5. I shall be punctual for class.

 6. I shall react in a mature manner to every event, regardless if it is favorable, frustrating, or  disastrous, as I represent the school.

 7. I will act always with my purpose before me. I will act with sincerity and forthrightness.

 8. I will endeavor to overcome any shyness I might feel in front of an audience. In this  effort,  I will assist my instructors in teaching new students whenever possible.

 9. I will not hesitate to take necessary risks in order to develop into an ideal martial artist.

10. I will endeavor to finish what I have started, to reach my goals, and set new ones.

Martial Arts Aims To Achieve

 1. MODESTY - never brag about yourself

 2. INTEGRITY - never to lie or do anything that is dishonest

 3. PERSEVERANCE - never to stop trying to accomplish what we set out to do

 4. SELF-CONTROL - control our mind and body, staying calm to have the ability to think things through

 5. INDOMITABLE - is a spirit inside us, that will never die SPIRIT or be defeated easily

 6. SELF-RESPECT - respect for our minds and bodies, doing nothing that would cause physical harm or mental stress to ourselves

Children Home Rules

  1. Children will greet their parents when they enter their house and tell them goodbye when they leave.

  2. Children will be respectful to their parents and grandparents at all times.

  3. Children will be truthful at all times.

  4. Children will maintain a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.

  5. Children must help with household chores.

  6. Children will keep their own room neat and clean.

  7. Children will keep their body, hair, and teeth clean at all times.

  8. Children will report to their parents that they have completed assigned tasks.

  9. Children will abide by their parents’ decision. 

10. Children will not interrupt adult conversations.

11. Children will always address their parents and elders in the proper manner.

12. Children will possess an active mind, body, and spirit.

13. Children will diligently study their school work both at school and home. 

14. Children must show respect for teachers and peers at all times.

15. Children will always finish what they have started.

   *  Children who do not obey their parents CHEERFULLY may be reduced in rank.

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