Tiger Bang’s World Martial Arts Academy is one of the finest martial arts schools in the country. We offer traditional and modern martial arts training in a unique family Christian environment. All of our instructors love working with children. They are qualified professionals with backgrounds in early childhood development, nutrition, and history. They have also experienced martial artists and members of our instructor's training program and continuing education programs.

We offer programs for all ages from pre-school to adult. Our system incorporates Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Boxing skills,
juijitsu, TaeMooDo, and weapons. Within the first few weeks, a student will have more confidence and be safer walking down the street. By the time one reaches black belt, they are able to defend themselves in almost every situation.

Most of our instructors are both 
Nationaland International champion with a background in early childhood development. Not only they are exceptionally qualified instructors, they are also very compassionate teachers.

Our training is serious yet fun. Martial Arts training 
is not like any other activity. You can get in shape, learn self-defense, discipline, relieve stress, all while having a great time. Children will improve grades, be more attentive, more disciplined and be healthier and happier children. All of this in a Christian environment makes for a unique one of a kind experience that you don't want to miss. Call today and see for yourself the joy of learning the martial arts.


To ensure a safe training area we have state of the art matted flooring designed for martial arts use.