In the Martial Arts belt system, progress from White to Black Belt represents the way of life and nature. Each color stands for a specific stage of achievement. We realize the essential concept of Oriental philosophy, that what is born must grow, and reach maturity, die and leave behind the seed of life for a new

White Belt- The unmarked snow covers the earth. Its blank whiteness indicates the empty page where the lesson of Martial Arts will be written. The student has no Knowledge of the Martial arts.

Yellow Belt- The morning sun shines softly down upon the earth and begins to melt away the snow to allow the plant to grow. Energy and brightness as from the sun, and maturation as in the yellowing of grain. The student is now open to learning.

Orange Belt- Represents new growth which appears in spring. Techniques begin to take form.

Green Belt- Growth and power to soar to higher levels. As a green plant drives upward to greater heights. 

Purple Belt- The plant blossoms. The student begins to see his own inner strength. A feeling of worth is nourishing the student encouraging growth.

Blue Belt- Represents the sky, continued upward attainment.

Brown Belt- The plant sees that to reach toward the heavens it must have a firm foundation. It grasps the soil with its strong brown roots and burrows deep into the earth. The plant must call upon its inner strength to overcome the rocky ground of life stresses in order to draw upon the life-giving water that runs deep below the earth’s crust. The student now learns to use his own weaknesses to his advantage.

Red Belt- Power, stability, agility, weight, and wisdom. The stage where one begins to stabilize both mentally and physically.

Red /Black Stripe Belt- Blood, life, energy, attention, and control. Maturity, respect, honor, and perfection of character start to reflect in the student as a Martial Artist.

Deputy Black Belt- The blossom itself now dries; the vanity of the plant becomes less important. The student sees his power is to be used to help others, and not for personal glory.

Black Belt- The combination of all colors, mastery, calmness, dignity, and sincerity. The final stage of one’s life cycle and the beginning of the next.

Philosophy of belt system