•  President of World Black Belt Association 
  •  Ph.D. In Fitness Science 
  •  2015 USA Martial Arts "Hall of Fame" - Korean Martial Arts Grand Master of the  Year! 
  •  USA National Vice President of USA TaekwonDo Martial Arts Commission
  •  USA Regional Director of USATaekwonDo Martial Arts Commission 
  •  Vice President of Southeastern US TaeKwonDo Federation 
  •  President / CEO of North Carolina State TKD MAC 
  •  President & State Director of Georgia Pro TKD Federation 
  •  9th Dan Black Belt (Certified by World Black Belt Association) 
  •  9th Dan Black Belt (Certified by World Tang Soo Do Federation) 
  •  9th Dan Black Belt (Certified by World Hap Ki Do Association) 
  •  8th Dan Black Belt (Certified by Moo Duck Kwan) 
  •  8th Dan Black Belt (Certified by Kuk Ki Won - World TaeKwonDo Federation) 
  •  8th Dan Black Belt (Certified by Korea Hwa Rang Kum Sool Federation) 
  •  Certified Master Instructor in TaeMooDo - Healing Martial Arts
  •  Certified Degree in International Master Instructor in the "Art and Science of TaeKwonDo" 
  •  Certified International Referee (World TaeKwonDo Federation)
  •   Chief Instructor of Child discipline and Women's Self Defense
  •   Over 30 years of Martial Arts experience (Teaching Strong Mind & Spirit) 

Teaching TaeKwonDo from OVER 30 years experience in the Korean Tradition!

About Grand Master

Kevin Tiger Bang Ph.D

"Learn from the Best, Learn from the Heart"